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Clay Sender v5 – New version

claysender v5

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Clay Sender version 5 Features:

👉 SMS Sending Mode added
👉 Bulk Email Sending Mode available
👉 Multiple Letters Option
👉 Multiple SMTPS Options
👉 HTML / PDF Attachments can be used
👉 You can spam SMS and Email Leads with Clay Sender v5 Now
👉 Bulk Email and Sms Spamming Sender

👉 Two Sending Modes:
           ✅ Fast
          ✅ Super Fast

👉 Improved UI now
👉 Easy To use every feature
👉 Now you guys can use Office SMTP  and Gmail SMTP without any proxy
👉 All Encryptions are brand new
👉 SMS and Email Sending are both powered with SMTP

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